Upside-down for a Bat is right way up.
They’re like me – different, but made with the

right stuff to be who they are.
We’re upside-down people

~ Sara Kianga Bat ~

Category: neurodiversity

  • Languages of Sensing: how do we get to know diverse others?

    How neurological difference – from the position of my personal experiences – can lend perspectives, ideas, challenges, and dimension to how we get to know diverse, non-human others. Do we really know anything? What makes you so sure? Does it even matter? How does knowing guide your decision-making about your relationships with others? Does it?…

  • In The Shark Cage: Pushing Limits.

    In The Shark Cage: Pushing Limits.

    *Photo of me in a wetsuit the day after shark cage diving. Snorkelling is far less stressful than diving because I don’t have to put my head under water, just my face. The wetsuit remained a challenge that was offset only by the enchantment of being surrounded by sea lions. The past few years has…

  • Blended Senses: my experience of synaesthesia

    Synaesthesia – the blending of the senses – is a really cool form of neurodiversity. It involves having cross-wired senses, so that you might experience sound visually or taste colours, for example. The sensory combinations are quite limitless, and most are poorly researched, and difficult to validate because the synaesthetic experience of each individual is…